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What is Thermography?

Thermography is a powerful, non-invasive screening technology and diagnostic aid that offers clinically valuable information with no radiation and no side effects.

Read below to discover how medical thermography can be incorporated into clinical evaluation, disease and treatment monitoring and medical decision-making.

A Powerful Addition to Your Physician’s Diagnostic Toolkit


An FDA-approved technology, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), commonly known as thermography, provides an incredibly detailed “temperature map” of your body using infrared images. This map shows us thermal abnormalities in the body, allowing us to detect and monitor a number of diseases and physical injuries. It is used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as monitoring therapy progress for a wide range of dysfunctions.

A Safe, Economical Tool for Preventive Healthcare

Unlike many medical imaging technologies, thermography is a brief, no-contact, completely non-invasive, radiation-free, pain-free procedure. The procedure involves simply taking a snapshot of the physiological changes happening in your body using a very powerful thermal camera. There are zero side effects and the process is simple, safe, and endlessly repeatable.

Early Detection Saves Lives. Why Wait?


The medical research is unanimous: the key to breast cancer survival is not just early detection, but the earliest possible detection. When discovered in its earliest stages, we see a 95% survival rate. The same principle applies to most cancers. Thermography is one of the most important adjunct breast imaging procedures available because of its ability to detect abnormal cells before they become cancerous. Thermography can detect cancer 8-10 years earlier than mammography, making it one of the most empowering tools at your disposal.


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What Can Thermography Do?

Thermographic imaging provides a way to “see” what’s going on inside your cells and tissues. As such, it can be used to detect disease and discover clinical markers for future problems, to monitor treatment effectiveness, and as a preventive tool that helps us measure future health changes.

I. Prevention: Establish a Baseline

Attaining optimal health starts with prevention and knowledge. Having a baseline full body scan is useful even for the healthiest among us. Why go through invasive diagnostics when you can start with a non-invasive snapshot? Schedule an initial screening that will provide you a powerful baseline that can be used by you and your physicians for preventive health monitoring for the rest of your life! A baseline gives you the necessary data to recognize injuries, pathologies and other dysfunctions that develop over time.

II. Visualize Pain & Dysfunction

Thermography provides a way to visualize dysfunction and confirm diagnoses in a way that other medical imaging tests (most of which are anatomical, not physiological) simply can’t. Below are some common pathologies and physiological phenomena that can be seen using thermography:

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III. Post-Treatment Monitoring

Periodic thermal scans allow you and your physician to visualize your progress throughout many different treatment processes. Thermography can provide key information about the effectiveness of a treatment or therapy you may be receiving.

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